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  • Bells Mars

    Bells Mars

    The 1st in “The Planets” series, Bells Mars is offered as a double IPA inspired by Gustov Holst’s opus 32 THE BEER Released in August on 2014 Bells Mars, like all double or imperial IPAs should be tasted as close to brew date as possible. With so many volatile hop oil aromatics packed in, you will lose […]

  • Best Double IPAs in Winter

    Best Double IPAs in Winter

    Cold weather months are the time of stouts, porters, and winter warmers. But a few brewers are magnanimous enough to grant a hop fan respite. Here we look at three of the best double IPAs in winter.   Through winter-time we call on spring So who the hell decided that winter-time has to be all […]

  • Bell’s This One Goes To 11 Ale

    When visiting San Diego earlier this year, a town known as perhaps America’s best beer city based on their invention and output of hugely hoppy IPAs, a surprise came to me. Visiting local bars, I always search for the common denominator between various establishments. Some places will all have the same video game in the corner, or […]

  • Best Coffee Beer Part 1

    Best Coffee Beer Part 1

    What Is The Best Coffee Beer?   The Premise Each winter brings back together old friends in North East Ohio for the Tri-City Beer Club’s Annual Christmas party. In its 15th year the TCBC is a small group of beer fans who gather to blind taste test beers in a category. Getting older, the group […]