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  • What is the Best Pumpkin Ale?

    Pumpkin Beer Tasting 2011 Part 1   About the beer Pumpkin ales are a species fruit beer brewed to taste of that familiar American spice mix associated with pumpkin pie and mulled rum. Fall is the season for these foods as well as harvest time for pumpkins. Although many pumpkin ales contain canned fruit as […]

  • 7th Annual Blues and Brews

    Akron’s 7th Annual Blues and Brews event at Lock 3 was held on a glorious August Saturday in the downtown of the Rubber City. Big thanks go out to Don and company at The Art of the Brew (and random.org) for tossing us the free tickets and Christine Montague for all the great info. These events can be burdensome […]

  • Terrapin Monks Revenge 2011 Beer Review

    The Terrapin Bewery out of the musical city of Athens Georgia has been brewing some well respected ales since 2002. In addition to their usual (and award winning) lineup, they now offer a limited series of experimental beers and a high gravity line known as “Monster Beers”. The Terrapin Monks Revenge is one of these monsters. […]

  • What To Drink This Summer Part 1: Hoppin’ Frog Turbo Shandy

    What To Drink This Summer Part 1: Hoppin’ Frog Turbo Shandy

    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the warmer months are upon us, palettes turn to lighter, more thirst quenching fare. But are we cursed to guzzle Coronas, super sweet dressed up wine coolers from a can, or “Light” beers? In the “What to drink this summer” series we will offer some alternatives to the usual, and sun-poison your taste buds […]