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  • Three Floyds YumYum

    Three Floyds YumYum

    Out with the old, in with the new. With Three Floyds YumYum replacing a staple in their lineup, we first should try to understand the shakeup. Sometimes change is for the better, like when The Facts of Life added Jo in season 2. Without her butch pugnacity, the show likely would of been dropped for…

  • What is the Best Session IPA?

    What is the Best Session IPA?

    Best of Series: What is the Best Session IPA? The Oxford Companion to Beer reminds us that one definition of light beer is “a beer with lower alcohol than most…” Which might make Joseph Owades ‘Diet Beer’ the first mass marketed session beer after Prohibition. A while back, while reviewing Lagunitas’s then new DayTime IPA¬†we…