Tag: Black IPA

  • Founders Black Rye

    In 2014 the BJCP announced their first update in four years. It brought the elimination and addition of many styles, including full representation of a number of IPA variants, with black IPA and rye IPA coming out of the specialty category. Right on queue, Founders chose early 2015 to bring back their short lived 2006 […]

  • The Brew Kettle Black Rajah

    But can a pale ale be black? THE BEER The Brew Kettle Taproom and Smokehouse started out, in beerspeak, as a brew-on-premise, or BOP. The Strongsville Ohio joint allows you and your betrothed to ‘brew’ up a barrel of Wedding Witt for your guests. Punny labels extra. They still offer brewing on site today, as […]