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  • What is the Best Session IPA?

    What is the Best Session IPA?

    Best of Series: What is the Best Session IPA? The Oxford Companion to Beer reminds us that one definition of light beer is “a beer with lower alcohol than most…” Which might make Joseph Owades ‘Diet Beer’ the first mass marketed session beer after Prohibition. A while back, while reviewing Lagunitas’s then new DayTime IPA we […]

  • Best Coffee Beer Part 1

    Best Coffee Beer Part 1

    What Is The Best Coffee Beer?   The Premise Each winter brings back together old friends in North East Ohio for the Tri-City Beer Club’s Annual Christmas party. In its 15th year the TCBC is a small group of beer fans who gather to blind taste test beers in a category. Getting older, the group […]

  • Southern Tier Choklat

    Southern Tier Choklat Review Chocolate beer! Sounds like a better way to market craft beer to a broader audience than patronizing gimmicks like putting light lager in pink packaging. Sure, stouts and porters often have roasted malts that impart flavors of chocolate (e.g. chocolate malts) and coffee. But can brewers apply actual chocolate or cocoa nibs as adjuncts to make beer better? […]

  • What is the Best Pumpkin Ale?

    Pumpkin Beer Tasting 2011 Part 1   About the beer Pumpkin ales are a species fruit beer brewed to taste of that familiar American spice mix associated with pumpkin pie and mulled rum. Fall is the season for these foods as well as harvest time for pumpkins. Although many pumpkin ales contain canned fruit as […]